About Us

Our Story

Thai Tana Ltd was founded in 2010.

We are one of the leading importers and distributors in the UK of premium Thai fruits and vegetables, authentic ingredients, popular ethnic products and kitchenware. Thai food products are in high demand worldwide, which is a testament to their high-quality, nutritious value and delicious taste.

We continuously strive to offer popular ethnic products and reliable consumer insights to help our clients offer and provide the best quality for their customers. We also go the extra mile to try to source rare and niche products at our customer’s request.

Our clients include well-known restaurants such as Giggling Squid, Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat, Patara, Wasabi, Pho, Som Saa, etc., wholesalers such as Wing Yip and Hoo Hing, and retailers, hotels and pubs across London and United Kingdom. We are so proud of being part of their successful businesses.